Drivers’ quotes after the Zhejiang test session

Drivers’ quotes after the Zhejiang test session

06 October 2017

Rob Huff: "It's the first time I really have a lot of time to play with the car, and unfortunately, the opportunity comes at my last TCR event of the season. I am happy with the car and we kept working to improve the balance. The track is similar to other Chinese tracks I have been racing on: tight and twisty!"

Alain Menu: "It was very useful to have such a long session. At the beginning, we spent time running in brake discs and pads, then I lost some time because of an issue with a throttle sensor, but once it was solved, I could do many laps without any hiccup and I am quite happy of the performance for a first outing. It's a relatively slow track but not easy at all, the car keeps sliding, either with the front or with the rear, and I don't think it will be easy for anyone to find a good balance."

Dan Lloyd: "It was hard work, because of the long session and of the fact you cannot rest for a second on this track. I like it very much, because it is challenging and requires 100% focus. The lap times were good but we still have a lot of work to do, we do not have it all there yet."

Roberto Colciago: "We are far away, and although I could have improved some tenths, I don't think we could compete with the Golf cars, which seem particularly well suited for this kind of track. Without any criticism in my words, it is also clear that a hilly and slow track like this is not the best where to carry success ballast..."

Dušan Borković’: "We knew this was not going to be an easy track for us and we know how sensitive is the Alfa with the design of the racetracks. On circuits that do not have a flowing layout, we really struggle. Depending on the corners, we have oversteer or understeer and it is really difficult to elaborate in which direction we should go with the set-up."

Mat'o Homola: "Not an easy session, as we struggled a lot with the set-up. We tried many different things and I think that we didn't find the right direction. It’s not easy for me either, as tracks like this one are very tricky and are not my favourite. I definitely prefer faster circuits."


Stefano Comini: "It's going to be a difficult weekend for us, as this is really not the kind of track that suits the Audi. It’s too narrow and twisty. In addition to this, the kerbs are flat and we don't even have any advantage in cutting them!" 


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