Lukashevich dominates the first race at Sochi

Lukashevich dominates the first race at Sochi

07 September 2019

In Race 1 of TCR Russia’s finale at Sochi, Ivan Lukashevich converted the pole position in his first victory of the season. His teammates Andrej Maslennikov and Aleksey Dudukalo completed a 1-2-3 finish for Lukoil Racing, while Klim Gavrilov was classified fourth. The reigning champion Dmitry Bragin grabbed a crucial fifth position that helped him to stretch his leadership in the standings to 16 and 18 points ahead of Gavrilov and Kirill Ladygin, when 26 are still on offer in tomorrow’s Race 2.
At the start Lukashevich, Dudukalo, Maslennikov, Gavrilov and Pavel Kalmanovich kept the first five places they had on the grid. During the first lap Mikhail Mityaev overtook Grigoriy Burlutskiy for P6 and then Bragin advanced to P7 as he passed both Ladygin and Burlutskiy.
On lap 2, Bragin and Burlutskiy overtook Mityaev who then handed the eighth position to his LADA Sport teammate Ladygin. On lap 3, Maslennikov passed Dudukalo for second and from that moment on the top ten positions didn’t change until the final lap when Kalmanovich slowed to let his teammate Bragin through so that he moved into the fifth position. Burlutskiy was able to take the opportunity and passed Kalmanovich as well to finish sixth.
The second race will start tomorrow at 14:55 local time (13:55 CET) with Burlutskiy on pole and Bragin alongside him; live streaming at and

Race 1
1. Ivan Lukashevich (Lukoil Racing, Hyundai i30 N), 9 laps
2. Andrej Maslennikov (Lukoil Racing, CUPRA), 3.045
3. Aleksey Dudukalo (Lukoil Racing, Audi RS 3 LMS), 4.088
4. Klim Gavrilov (VRC Team, Audi RS 3 LMS), 6.218
5. Dmitry Bragin (TAIF Motorsport, Hyundai i30 N), 17.471

Championship points
1. Bragin 202 pts; 2. Gavrilov 186; 3. Ladygin 184


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