Bahrain Qualifying – top three quotes

Bahrain Qualifying – top three quotes

15 April 2017

Mat’o Homola (1st): “It’s been a tough weekend for us; we had a problem with the engine in Free Practice because of the heat and the guys worked all night to change it. I only did two laps yesterday and so Qualifying was a big mystery for me, but I knew how the track behaves and how I should behave from last year. Congratulations to DG Sport and to Opel on their first pole position. Okay, I won’t start from pole because of the penalty, but I wanted to see what the car could do. I made one mistake on my quickest lap, so I think I could have been ever faster. We will see what we can do in the two races now.”

Pierre-Yves Corthals (2nd): “I have the pole position, which is really good, but I really didn’t expect to be as fast as that. Everyone has problems with the air temperature, but maybe the others suffered more than us. I made two big mistakes during my fastest lap in Q2 so I lost a lot of time. I’m really happy for the team and for Opel because it’s good to have the pole position in Bahrain when we are with Formula One. I will try to get a good start and keep fresh air in front of me because that will give me an advantage over the others who will have hot air going into their engines.”

Hugo Valente (3rd): “I don’t really know what to think of the penalty for Mat’o – I would have preferred to have been on the cleaner line. The race will be long and the start will be crucial. I don’t have a lot of experience with this car on the start and it’s my first time here compared to my teammates who were here last year but I’m quite happy. Yesterday was quite difficult but I’ve been working with my engineer on the set up and today I was able to pull out a few things. Surprised at the Opel – congratulations to them.”


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