Colciago: my teammate is my daughter’s age!

Colciago: my teammate is my daughter’s age!

24 March 2017

After a long and successful career, Roberto Colciago called it a day at the end of 2010. Then, last year, he made an impressive comeback by claiming both the TCR Italy title and an outstanding victory at Sepang in his maiden TCR International Series appearance.
And because success breeds hunger, he is now ready for a full International Series campaign at the wheel of a Honda Civic run by the newly established team M1RA.

“TCR is that kind of category that makes drivers hungry to race, which explains why it is booming worldwide,” says the Italian, who first drove a TCR car during the 2015 pre-season test at Barcelona.

“When I was offered the programme in the 2016 TCR Italy series, I was happy to accept. I just wanted to do well, but then things evolved quite quickly and unexpectedly. Here I am, facing my return to an international top-level series, with plenty of motivation. The only issue I have is with the travelling, because it will interfere with my professional activity.”

Colciago will turn 49 two days after the races in Georgia, but is still in perfect shape. “This kind of car is suited very well to ‘aged’ drivers. They are fun to drive and the regulations keep the field levelled. Experience plays a crucial role in set up and strategy. But in the end, a driver of my age is offered a programme only if he proves to be up to the task. As always I have to thank JAS Motorsport for trusting me.”

M1RA is owned by Norbert Michelisz, so isn’t it a strange feeling to race for someone who is also a racing driver, but one that’s much younger than you? “For sure it is odd. Maybe we will find ourselves fighting and clashing on the track… But I have to say that the strangest feeling is to have a teammate (Attila Tassi) who is the same age as my daughter!” 


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