Driver quotes after Bahrain Free Practice 2

Driver quotes after Bahrain Free Practice 2

14 April 2017

Stefano Comini (1st): “I’m very happy because with Comtoyou Racing and Audi technicians we completely changed the car. We did an amazing job – before, it was undriveable but now the car is turning properly. We put new tyres on the front and I did the best lap at the beginning; we wanted to try a Qualifying simulation with a cold engine and a cold driver. I think we were the only ones that did that and it was probably worth about half a second. Okay, it’s not important to be fastest in Practice, but it’s good for the spirit!”

Pepe Oriola (2nd): “We made some changes to the setup and they seem to have worked well. Everyone will be on fresh tyres for Qualifying and then we will know exactly what is happening. The grip has improved and the car seems better than this morning, but I’m a little bit worried because towards the end I had a steering problem. The kerbs at Turn 2 are too high and the car seems to be more damaged every time I touch them.”

Roberto Colciago (4th): “This session was much better for me because I now know the tricky points of the track. We are still on the same tyres as this morning, so we need to change a few things before the races, but we know we are in a good place. Like for everyone, the heat is a problem - not just the engine temperature, but the heat inside the car; the pedals are so hot that after about six or seven laps I burned my foot. We will have to put something over the metal pedals.”

Jean-Karl Vernay (5th): “It doesn’t mean anything to be fastest in Free Practice, but this morning was good for my confidence. The track changed a lot between the two sessions – the rubber from F1, F2 and the Porsches meant a lot more grip. We knew it would change and we tried to change the setup but maybe we went a little the wrong way. It’s nothing huge, but we need to work to be ready for tomorrow.”


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