Driver quotes after today’s testing at Rustavi

Driver quotes after today’s testing at Rustavi

31 March 2017

Ferenc Ficza (1st fastest): “It was a very good session and the car was perfect, I had a very good feeling. I like the track, although the kerbs are a little bit high and sharp, so one has to be very careful.”

Jean-Karl Vernay (2nd fastest): “I must say that the track is very nice, lots of fun to drive, I love it! The track is still very dirty, and drivers cutting the chicanes bring even more dirt in it… The car feels good, I think it will be a good track for the Golf.”

Attila Tassi (3rd fastest): “I spent the session trying different lines and braking points, now we have to analyse all the date and see which options were fastest. The track is tricky and still very dirty but it was a good session. It was only my first time at the wheel of the Honda and the very first where I could start pushing.”

Davit Kajaia (6th fastest): “The car was not bad but not perfect either, we still have a lot of work to do. But, overall, I am satisfied with this first outing here with the Alfa and with the position. Of course, I know the track and I do like it. I feel very proud of racing at home and of all the support I am receiving from fans and media. It's simply great to have the TCR in Georgia!”

Mat’o Homola (11th fastest): “It went very well, with no particular hiccup. The Opel is completely different from the SEAT I drove last year, I am still getting comfortable with power delivery, brakes, suspensions, etc. But the feeling is excellent and I kept improving all the time.”

Stefano Comini (12th fastest): “This was really the first shake-down with the Audi, and I am happy that everything is working properly. Maybe the biggest issue we have is that the team has been set-up last minute end in a very short time, so we even do not have all the necessary tools and equipment. On top, I haven’t been driving since Macau… First feeling with the Audi is very good, I think it’s going to be a great car, although I can feel is bulkier than the Golf or the León.” 


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