Drivers’ quotes after the second Free Practice

Drivers’ quotes after the second Free Practice

27 August 2016

James Nash (fastest): “Seeing the result, I should crash more often! Just joking, of course, but I must say the car works perfectly, although it doesn’t look very nice after yesterday’s big shunt. It’s nice to have this result, which rewards the boys for the night of hard work they had to endure. We now know exactly what happened yesterday and are reassured it wasn’t my or the team’s mistake. I have been on top of the time sheets here at Buriram, it is the kind of track that suits well my driving style: very technical with not many high-speed corners. We’ll see what happens in qualifying, that is what really matters.”

Jean-Karl Vernay (fourth fastest): “It’s tough and it’s going to be tough in qualifying. We are in trouble to find the right set-up, it looks much more complicated than yesterday. I did my best time at the very end, when my new tyres were way beyond the moment they should perform best, and that just confirms we have some issues to solve.”

Kanthadee Kusiri (sixth fastest): “It’s a good result, I am happy. It’s my first time with a TCR car, which is completely different from the F.3 I am driving this year, but I am enjoying the experience a lot. I had new tyres only in the front for free practice 2 and I still did a couple of mistakes, so I think we can still improve.”

Rafaël Galiana (tenth fastest): “Tenth is definitely a very good result for an old driver at his first race of the year like me! I am happy, the car really feels great and I must thank Gianni (Morbidelli) for his support. Just by following him and trying to do what he was doing, I brought down my lap times by two seconds!”


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