Free Practice 2 – Morbidelli fastest as Kroes crashes

Free Practice 2 – Morbidelli fastest as Kroes crashes

08 July 2017

The second Practice session was shortened by five minutes, just like the previous one, after Danny Kroes lost his SEAT at Turn 13 and crashed into the tyre wall.
The red flag had been previously waved once, with 20 minutes left on the clock, to recover Jens Reno Møller’s Honda from the gravel trap of Turn 10.
Before the fist suspension, lap times were consistently improved, with six different drivers taking turns on top of the time-sheet, in the order: Roberto Colciago, James Nash, Jaap van Lagen, Gianni Morbibelli, Daniel Lloyd and Stefano Comini who posted a provisional fastest lap of 1:32.568 just before Møller spun off.
When the session resumed, Morbidelli improved the fastest lap to 1:32.516, then Kroes crashed and the session was stopped for good.
Behind Morbidelli and Comini, Lloyd ranked third (1:32.617) ahead of his own teammates Pepe Oriola (1:32.021) and James Nash (1:33.316). Davit Kajaia (1:33.373), Stian Paulsen (1:33.386), Roberto Colciago (1:33.390), Rob Huff (1:33.421) and Mat’o Homola (1:33.455) filled the positions between sixth and tenth in a classification that saw the top twelve drivers covered by one second.

Morbidelli: “Regardless of the time lap, I am very happy because the car is working really well and the feeling is excellent. It’s one of the first times I really managed to have the car doing what I want it to do. We made a few changes after free practice 1 and the result was excellent.”
Comini: “The car feels ok but I hoped on a better lap time, I think we could have been half a second faster. It is very difficult to be consistent and avoid mistakes on this track, as we saw this morning, and I think it will be a kind of survival qualifying and races here.”
Oriola: “I am a little bit concerned about all the punctures we saw this morning. This is really a treacherous track for the tyres and the kerbs do not forgive much…”

Qualifying will start at 15:00 local time; live streaming at and


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