Qualifying - What the drivers had to say

Qualifying - What the drivers had to say

23 May 2015


Gianni Morbidelli, pole sitter: Gianni Morbidelli: "I must say the car was perfect and that I am very happy, but I want to thank WestCoast Racing for the excellent work they have done. Whenever things go well like today, it is always because there is hard work behind it. Here, we also benefitted from the data gathered during winter testing. I am confident for Race 1 tomorrow, although with Comini and Oriola right next to me, it is going to be hard racing. I hope it will be good fighting, not like in Portimão..."

Stefano Comini, qualified second: "It was great tactics from the entire team with slipstreaming and I must thank my teammates for their support. Still, it wasn't possible to get any closer to Morbidelli and 0.7 seconds is quite a gap. Tomorrow, very reasonably, I will aim at being first of the rest..."

Pepe Oriola, qualified third: "I think Morbidelli and the Honda Civic are in a league on their own this time. We had a good performance, but it could have resulted in something better. Unfortunately, our towing strategy did not work very well. Still, it would have been impossible to beat Gianni. Tomorrow, I'll try to do my best and we'll see what comes out."

Fernando Monje, qualified sixth: "It was a very good result, our best in qualifying for the time being, and I am very happy for everybody at Campos Racing who has been working so hard to reach this level. It was a good qualifying and we progressed well with the set-up. It was just a pity to be so lonely on the track: with some towing, we could have been on the very front."





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