Quotes after Buriram Free Practice 1

Quotes after Buriram Free Practice 1

02 September 2017

Kantadhee Kusiri (1st): “I know this track very well and I also know the Volkswagen, even if it’s the first time for me to drive this particular car. I think it’s possible to improve a few things on the car so FP2 and Qualifying should be good. Just last week I drove my VW in TCR Asia and so I know what needs to be changed but there are a lot of very experienced drivers here and so it won’t be easy for me to keep up this kind of result.”

Pepe Oriola (2nd): “I’m happy to be P2 but I’m a little bit worried about high engine temperature. I was following Stefano and the Audi’s exhaust is in the middle so I was getting his hot exhaust straight into my radiator and intercooler. When I got close to him, all the alarms on the car came on. Maybe we need to look at this for next year because it’s not just the Audi that has the exhaust in the middle. Otherwise, the balance was good, I was on old tyres and Kusiri was on new tyres. The field is really close but it looks good at the moment.”

Dušan Borković (4th): “It was nice to be back in the car after the long break. The car felt nice; we thought it would be good here after the twisty and slow Hungaroring and Oschersleben. It’s only Free Practice and you never know who is using what tyres and how worn they are. I’m just about to sit down with my engineer to look at the sector times but if we can improve anywhere we will definitely try to do that.”


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