Quotes after Salzburgring test day

Quotes after Salzburgring test day

09 June 2017

Rob Huff: “I think we bedded in enough brakes to last the rest of the season! We worked on the set-up and found a really good direction – every change we made improved the car. I have a new engineer, Nigel Clyde, and he really understands what I need. I love this track, I love Austria and I love Wiener Schnitzel, so it’s all good!”

Daniel Lloyd: “I’m really happy with how things ended up. I didn’t expect to be that quick, but one of my strengths is that I can jump into a car and get it working quite quickly. I’m looking forward to improving now. I’ve watched plenty of TCR in the past, it’s a series that’s growing all the time and it’s great to be a part of it, particularly in a top team.”

Attila Tassi (before the crash): “We spent the first test trying out different set-ups – some worked, some didn’t. I went out on new tyres towards the end of the session and they helped a bit but not much. Norbi (Michelisz) is here with us this weekend and it’s really great to have him here; he’s been really helpful with advice and coaching me.”

Stefano Comini: “I spent the first hour bedding in brake pads and discs as we wanted to do it here. We haven’t had a test since the beginning of the season, so it’s good we have three hours to test today. The time isn’t so bad, but we were pushing like hell. It’s always strange here, but I have a lot of respect for this track. We still have work to do.”

Dusan Borković: “I think it won’t be bad here if everything works with the car, but the straight is too long for our aero and so the Audi should be very good here. I had qualifying issues in Monza, so I hope things will be a lot better here. We knew everyone would be close and everybody is within a few tenths. The times are better than last year, so it appears that the cars have improved.”

Thomas Jäger: “It’s actually the first time for me to be here and I think it’s a beautiful track. I’m very happy to be back in the Opel Astra; I concentrated on learning the track and getting more experience of front-wheel drive. We made a few changes to the set-up and I’m looking forward to the second test when I’ll be trying to get the best out of me and the car.”


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