Quotes after the Qualifying session at Sepang

Quotes after the Qualifying session at Sepang

30 September 2016

Roberto Colciago (pole position): “I had never seen the track before I arrived here yesterday, the timetable is very tight with only one Practice session and I didn’t know the car, so it was a very good result and so I must thank Target Competition, JAS Motorsport and the mechanics for doing such a good job. Yesterday, I spent the first part of the Practice learning the track and so I was a long way off going fast. We thought we had a problem with the front of the car so we fixed that and I learnt the track and so we are very happy with the result.”

Pepe Oriola (second fastest): “If I’m honest, I expected someone to be faster than me because I made a slight mistake when I went out on my last set of tyres. I’m happy with the result, even if you always want to be on pole position. My focus is on the championship, not winning the race, but I will try to do a good start. Let’s see what happens in the first corner – I expect to push on the first lap because I have really good experience in the car and I know the track so I am very positive about getting a good result.”

Mikhail Grachev (third fastest): “I am very happy to be here in a competitive car once again. I missed most of the Practice because of an engine problem, so I know there are areas in which I can still improve, but I have to say thank you to WestCoast for working so hard to repair the problem and allow me to do this. I’m luckier than Pepe because I’m not focusing on the championship and so I can concentrate on the race.”

Tin Sritrai (tenth fastest and first of TCR Asia): “It was very hard for me because of only having one Practice session. In fact, I only managed one lap in Practice because of a steering problem. My team fixed that and so I have to say thank you to them. My lap time was very good – it’s only the second time for me to be with the TCR International Series and so I’m looking for a good result but also to have some fun. I’m feeling very positive; my car is good now and I know the track.”


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