Quotes after the second practice session

Quotes after the second practice session

01 April 2016

Jean-Karl Vernay (3rd fastest): “We didn’t have much time and with a red flag in each session, even less! It’s a little bit frustrating when you have so much work to do at the opening of the season. This afternoon, I could only do a lap and a half at real pace…”

Kevin Gleason (5th fastest): “I think I had four flying laps altogether today, it’s certainly not enough, especially after breaking a splitter this morning. Other than that, it is not a bad start and the track is absolutely beautiful, very interesting, with an interesting combination of sections of very different type.”

Aku Pellinen (6th fastest): “I certainly would have liked more mileage with the car and more time on this track new to me before going into qualifying, but I cannot change that. I’m not entirely happy with what I achieved today but I’ll try to improve tomorrow.”

Michela Cerruti (11th fastest): “We managed to correct the brake issue encountered this morning; not entirely, but almost. We also made some set-up changes that worked in the right direction, so we are happy of this afternoon’s results. Considering this is basically the start of everything, it is not a bad one!”

Luigi Ferrara (14th fastest): “We managed to improve the set-up in between sessions and it worked well, although we still have work to do on the balance of the car and on the limited-slip differential.”

Attila Tassi (18th fastest): “I lost the rear of the car in a fast corner and there was nothing I could do to avoid hitting the Armco barrier. I had new tires on the front and too much grip difference between the front and the rear… I hope the car is not too damaged.”

Salman al-Khalifa (17th fastest): “It’s an incredible experience for me and Hussain Karimi to be here. The TCR is just an amazing series that really fills a gap and it’s great to be part of it. We know well the track but have no experience on this kind of cars and for both Hussain and me it was our first time on slick tires. We are trying to learn fast and progress step by step.” 


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