Race 2 – Quotes from the podium finishers

Race 2 – Quotes from the podium finishers

12 April 2015


Andrea Belicchi, winner: “I am very proud to win such a close race, where we had great fighting, always fair-play. It’s a lot of fun to be back to touring car racing. After almost twenty years of absence, it is clear that I still need to adjust and get used to front-wheel drive and a different racing style. It’s coming together, although I still need to improve starts and first laps. The TCR was a last-minute choice for me, but I really rejoice to have made it and I think we will have a great season. I am also very happy to be with a team such as Target competition, who does a wonderful job and has helped me a lot readapting to touring car machinery.”

Stefano Comini, second: “It hasn’t been an easy weekend for the SEAT cars, as we were clearly disadvantaged in the long straights, so it’s nice to end the weekend with a 1-2 win. In my case, I had also the extra-handicap of the 30-kg success ballast, which penalized me a lot in qualifying. But today’s race was a lot of fun, with a lot of fights, which is what I enjoy. The car was simply perfect.”

Gianni Morbidelli, third: “If yesterday was a perfect day, today proved that nothing is granted in motor racing. Shortly after taking the lead, by mid-race, my engine switched off for a brief moment, and I lost three positions. I was lucky to reconquer third and still keep the championship lead. I am sure fans enjoyed today’s show and that the race proves how exciting and closely-fought the season is going to be.”


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