Races 1 & 2 - What the drivers had to say

Races 1 & 2 - What the drivers had to say

25 October 2015

Pepe Oriola, winner of Race 1, 3rd in Race 2: “Not a bad weekend, although I would have liked to go to Macau as the leader in the standings. Race 1 was just perfect. I couldn’t follow the pace of Morbidelli, but the drive-through he got changed everything. To be fair, it was not difficult to jump the start, as the procedure was much longer than usual. After Gianni dropped it was just a matter of controlling things. Race 2 was ok too, to start in P9 and finish third is always a good result. I couldn’t pass Hezemans, despite being faster than him; we had a couple of contacts, but he defended extremely well. Now, the title will be decided in Macau, and knowing well the track will be an advantage for me, although I will carry maximum ballast.”

Stefano Comini, winner of Race 2: “It was a difficult weekend that ended better than it started. The car did not perform well in practice and qualifying, and we still don’t understand why. We changed everything we could change before the races: gearbox, intercooler, turbo…  and things went better. In Race 2, I used the advantage of the front row. Still, I have to give a big thank to Loris (Hezemans), because he protected me very well. A two-point advantage before Macau is obviously very slim, but we will see. I have never raced there and this is a clear disadvantage. I’m training at the simulator, but it’s different when walls are real…”

Jordi Gené, 2nd in Race 1: “The SEAT cars were very good this weekend and I had a good pace. I’ve been doing good races and taking good points, but not shaving enough the gap in points, so I don’t think I have real chances for the title in Macau, unless Stefano and Pepe do very crazy things.”

Loris Hezemans, 2nd in Race 2: “I am super-happy with this second place, it’s a first TCR podium that I value as a victory. I really wanted to keep the second, so I tried to stay focused and get out everything I could in the fight with Oriola.”

Sergey Afanasyev, 3rd in Race 1: “It’s the best result for the team since Valencia, we can be very happy and proud. I was involved in fights in both races, especially in the second one when I was bumped from behind a couple of times. For the rest, I really want to praise Buriram for this great venue and the great welcome, it has been a real pleasure to be here.”


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