Vernay surfaces as the winner in the flood

Vernay surfaces as the winner in the flood

05 June 2016

Weather conditions affected the results of the second race. Eventually was Jean-Karl Vernay who managed to make fewer mistakes than the other competitors and claimed his second victory of the season.
Sergey Afanasyev was classified second and reached his first podium of the season so far, while Stefano Comini scored a third place that propelled him back on top of the Drivers’ Championship standings.
With Pepe Oriola sidelined by the technical failure that had stopped him in Race 1, four other top contenders – Gianni Morbidelli, Jordi Oriola and Mikhail Grachev – had their chances spoiled by a wrong tyre choice that forced them to pit for a change at the end of the formation lap. Eventually Morbidelli managed to recover until a sixth position that might prove crucial for his ambitions in the championship.

Key facts
Grid – Fulín, Pepe Oriola and Borković’s do not appear; it starts pouring rain
Warm up lap – Cerruti’s car stalls on the grid and is pushed back to the pits; at the end of the lap four cars pit for changing tyres: Morbidelli, Grachev, Tassi and Jordi Oriola
Start – Vernay takes the lead from Kajaia, Janits and Comini
Lap 1 – Janits is given a drive through penalty for changing tyres on the grid after the 5-minute board
Lap 2 – Vernay leads from Kajaia, Comini and Proczyk
Lap 3 – Afanasyev overtakes Nash for fourth
Lap 4 – Comini and Kajaia have a close fight for second place
Lap 7 – Proczyk makes contact with Jordi Oriola and stops on the track, losing fourth position
Lap 8 – Kajaia’s car aquaplanes at the braking and hits the tyre-pack at Turn 1
Lap 9 – the safety car is deployed while Kajaia’s car is recovered
Lap 12 – the race resumes; Comini misses the braking point at Turn 1 and takes the escape road, dropping from second to third
Lap 13 – Morbidelli and Jordi Oriola overtake Tassi and move up to sixth and seventh
Lap 14 – Janits goes wide at Turn 11 while trying to overtake Tassi
Lap 15 – Vernay imitates Comini at Turn 1 and loses the lead to Afanasyev; but the French retakes the position at Turn 11
Lap 17 – Vernay wins from Afanasyev, Comini and Nash


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